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Why Choose Publishing Life Services

  • Skyrocket Your Sales

    Increase your conversions with super high quality copywriting services done by a professional.

  • Save Time

    Only do what you are best at. Keep your focus on growing your business and never worry about time-consuming book descriptions again.

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    Never stress about missing out on sales because of a lackluster book description. We've written over 100 best selling book descriptions.

About The Writer


My name is Laura and my mission is to skyrocket your Kindle and Audiobook sales.

A year ago, I had never heard of copywriting and I had no idea I could apply it to my own publishing business to increase sales.

When Amazon asked me to fill in the text field for the book description, I entered a few sentences generally describing what the book was about.

I thought "this is all the customer needs."

I mean come on, if the title of the book is “Keto Diet Beginner's Guide“ it´s obvious what´s inside the book….

I guess not.

I needed to learn my lesson the hard way…

… by not making any sales.

That´s when copywriting expert Oliver El-Gorr entered my life and became my mentor to teach me the secrets behind copywriting.

From day one, I was hooked.

Even better, I knew immediately what my goal was.

I wanted to unlock all the secrets behind copywriting for book descriptions and help my fellow publishing friends.


My Offer To You:

- Best selling quality to maximize your conversions.
- Superb creativity by making your copy unique and capable of snaring the reader’s attention from the very first sentence.
- In depth research on your topic to create the most appealing description.
- More time to spend on what you do best.
- Finding your perfect target customer and using their language to make them want to buy your book.
- 100% unique, original content.
- 96 hour turnaround time or 24 hours with Express package.

Plus as a bonus

you can use your description as a free retail audio sample for your audiobook.

What does this mean?

Your audiobook sales will start booming as well.

That isn't all …

Always remember you don't have to be a good writer to be a 10k a month publisher. But you have to nail every step perfectly and know how to outsource.

I used the last 3 months training professional writers and now there are three of me. Yet, BE WARNED: The demand is high and even with three writers, we have a limited stock. Sold out means sold out.

So be quick and click the add to cart button right now before someone else is quicker than you.

This is an exclusive offer for all the publishers who want to take the bull by the horns and nail each step in their publishing business.

Work History

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  • 225Clients
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