About Us

I began as a self publisher, but soon had to admit that the publishing game wasn’t my thing. Why?

Because I loved the hard work that everyone else hated. 

Since being a teenager, I was passionate about writing and enjoyed being location independent, but I didn’t want to do anything else besides typing.

What if I could find a way to work for publishers doing what I love while helping them grow their business too?

Within less than 48 hours, my husband, Rasmus Mikkelsen, and I built an amateur website and waited for the first order to arrive.

We both didn’t expect a booming business, but hoped it would be enough to make a living in Bali.

We never did any marketing, but managed to get our first customers. They were so enthusiastic about our work that it spread around the publishing community like wildfire.

It wasn’t long before I needed to set my alarm clock at 5am to get a morning surf session in before writing book descriptions for 8 hours straight...  

...and I loved it!

We grew so fast that I needed to build a strong, professional team that could support me and all our customers.

We started adding more services and revamped the truly awful website to a decent looking online shop.

From there onwards, we became the Top Rated Book Description and Outline Writing Service in the Amazon publishing industry.

...but life would be boring if the next challenge was not waiting around the corner. 

Rasmus and I were expecting our first child, the incredible Finn Raz Mikkelsen. 

Instead of taking a step back, I decided to work even harder. I streamlined all processes, optimized the workflow, hired even more writers and made sure the business could run while I focused on our little boy. Soon it became a family business too as I brought on Celine Mikkelsen and Sarah Eberstadt as managers.

Meanwhile, Rasmus and Christian founded “PublishingLife”, an education company that helps people build their own Amazon book publishing business so they can quit their 9 to 5 job and find freedom in life.

That’s when we decided to join the new Publishing Life family business and BSBD became Publishing Life Services

Working as a family gives us the opportunity to be even closer to the self-publishing community and apply first-hand insights right away into all our services. 

Our mission is to make publishing as easy, stress-free and profitable as possible for all of you.