Proofreading Package ($0.90 per 100 words)

Proofreading Package ($0.90 per 100 words)

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We've all been there. Your book is ready and you can't wait to launch it. It can be tempting to rush or even skip the proofreading phase, but poor grammar is in bad taste. Readers won't overlook the superficial errors and they will punish your impatience with a detrimental 1-star review. 

Don't let typos, run-on sentences and careless inconsistencies hurt your book. 

What's included:

  • Professional proofreading
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation check
  • Native English editors
  • 10 business days turnaround time
  • 5-star review quality

If your book needs editing as well, check out our editing & proofreading package here.

** 100% Satisfaction Guarantee **

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