Facebook Post Package

Facebook Post Package

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Are you struggling to get book reviews?

No matter how good your title, book cover, or description is… it can’t make up for a lack of reviews.

It’s what buyers use as a compass to decide which books are worth buying.

Yet, most publishers neglect them because you need to proactively go out and get those first reviews before your book starts selling consistently on its own.

Your Facebook group is the #1 tool to gather reviews. It’s the easiest way to build a relationship with your customers.

If you regularly give them engaging and informative content, they’ll want to help and support you.

But if you don’t post at least 4x a week in your group, they’ll forget about you and your books and start following someone else who is giving them consistent content instead.

The problem is, creating engaging Facebook posts is time-consuming.

Let us save you that time by doing all the work for you, and doing it much better than you could have done yourself anyway.

Our Facebook Post Package includes:

  • 30 custom-designed images that are ready to go live
  • 30 short, attention-grabbing captions
  • 7 business day turnaround time
  • Unlimited revisions

If you’re ready to build your Facebook group into a group of raving fans begging you to receive a copy of your next book, then order our professional Facebook Post Package.

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Disclaimer: Revision requests have to be submitted all at once.

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