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AMZDiscover Email

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This one email can get you dozens of reviews for any book launch… even if you don't have an audience.

The most important step during a book launch is gathering as many reviews as possible shortly after your book goes live.

With this one email, you can reach thousands of qualified reviewers saying YES to leaving a review for your book on launch day. 

Unfortunately, there is no ‘copy & paste’ email you can send out to potential reviewers.

You need to craft an ultra personal, humorous and somehow weird email that will catch their attention and give them no choice but to respond to your quirky email.

What’s included:

  • Your initial, personalized AMZDiscover email
  • 100% absurdity for killer open rates 
  • 5 days turnaround time
  • Unlimited revisions

** 100% Satisfaction Guarantee **

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